Third Floor Antique Jewelry


A Gold Heart Locket for A Token Of Love

Wonderful Bold Niello Silver Locket and Chain

Splendid Georgian Emerald Diamond Ring

Striking Vasari Gold Earrings

Remarkable Aesthetic Movement Silver Bangle Bracelet


Perfect Antique Niello Long Guard Chain

Chic Antique French Gold Onyx Earrings

Antique French Perpignan Garnet Vibrant Earrings

Fantastic Antique French Bold Bracelet

The Ultimate French Gold Token of Love


Antique French Diamond Earrings

Remarkable Antique French Silver Match Safe Victor Hugo

Antique French 18 Karat Gold Crystal Earrings

Rare Stuart Crystal Diamond Ring 17th Century

Antique Sleek Gutta Percha Earrings


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